Since the 2016 election, fake news has been a major discussion point. However, up until the emergence of the Coronavirus in late 2019, fake news simply impacted political view. Now, after living through a pandemic for over a year, we can see just how dangerous fake news can be when…


Cloud is designed to be an aesthetically pleasing automatic plant care device that will provide water and light for your indoor plants. Cloud aims to be both a functional plant care system as well as a statement art piece in your living space.

Motivation: The concept for Cloud began…


This week’s focus was to create a promotional video for an existing app, advertising the apps features and benefits for its user.

Since quarantine started with COVID-19 back in March, gyms have been off and on closed to limit large numbers of people gathering in an enclosed space, especially…


This week we built a Wizard of Oz prototype in teams of 3. Wizard of Oz prototyping is creating a prototype that seems to work automatically from the user’s perspective but in reality, it’s a person controlling the prototype’s responses on the other end. …


This Voice User Interface (VUI) prototype was designed to map out several tasks that current voice assistants are not able to perform or don’t perform as well as I would like them to:

  1. Book an appointment with your doctor
  2. Order coffee from the nearest Starbucks
  3. Check wait time and…


Furthering the design concept from Parcel Locker, this week I focused on making a video to capture three main physical interactions between the user and Parcel Locker.

For a quick recap, Parcel Locker is a lock box placed in front of your door where deliveries can be safely deposited…


LumiPet is designed to be a luminescent collar to help keep your pet visible and safe in dark environments.

I came up with this idea after passing by so many “lost pet” signs and remembering and old friend whose kitten was sadly run over when he ran away at…


Continuing the design concept from Parcel Locker, I decided to create a CAD 3D model of the lock box so I could get a more precise representation of the concept.

For a quick recap, Parcel Locker is a lock box placed in front of your door where deliveries can…


Parcel Locker is designed to be a metal household lock box for packages.

I came up with the idea after my sister mentioned she recently got a package stolen off her porch. Although she had Ring (smart doorbell with camera) installed, she mentioned that this wasn’t exactly helpful because…


Designing and creating a low fidelity model of a concept to solve a problem.


First, we were given a target user and problem: Cat/dog owners who were concerned about their pets’ health due to their long hours away from home. Then, to think of this problem in terms…

April Ye

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